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  Tornado Cyclone

Introduction – ご紹介


Tornado Cyclone, the action game, which you flick and hit the stone, and drop the targets. Players enjoy the game by developing a flick strategy to aim of getting the high score each stage. To get the higher score, player need to drop all targets within a minimum flick count without losing their life. Of course, player also is able to enjoy just playing intuitive game without aiming the high score.



Ranking – ランキング


Go to see the Score ranking page.

Users can register their high score from game over screen of Tornado Cyclone later or equals version 1.1.
Above page is only allow to show the current high score ranking if you are using PC browser.




Release Note – 履歴

[en] Version 1.0 released on Apple Store.
[ja] バージョン1.0がApple Storeで公開されました。

[en] This application is not available now. Our application is under examination by Apple Inc..
[ja] 現在、本アプリケーションApple社に申請中であり、利用できる状態にはありません。

Contact – お問い合わせ

[en] Please let us know if you have any questions, or any requests from below.
[ja] ご不明な点や要望は以下からお問い合わせください。

Contact Form – お問い合わせ窓口

Thanks – 謝辞

[en] This application uses free materials which are provided by following web site.
[ja] 本アプリケーションは、以下のサイトで公開されているフリー素材を利用させて頂きました。

  1. *ヒバナ*様 – Note that this site is Japanese only.

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